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This work draws imagery from cloud motifs originating from Korean art and design.


The cloud is a reference to the artist's cultural ancestry and its metaphorical symbolism of the floating perception of cultural identity.


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place/setting installation


The Place/Setting installation is informed by pottery traditions that reflect the artist's history and experiences. The dinner setting composes individual pieces into a larger topographical landscape. 


It was presented at Greenwich House Pottery’s Jane Hartsook Gallery in 2011.


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This work developed from the parallels observed between the poetic line qualities of Islamic calligraphy and contemporary graffiti.


These two stylistic genres were merged into a hybridized decorative surface that talked about both past and present in the same object.  


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The focus of this work was on the dynamic design of functional forms that explore qualities of formality and animation. 


The work is soda-fired with sodium carbonate to create the color variations and atmospheric blushing in the glazes.


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This work was created in 2005 during a residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramics Reserach Center in Skaelskor, Denmark.  The goal was to create forms that explored the clean, simple lines of the Danish modern aesthetic while exposing the pristine whiteness of the porcelain clay, provided by Royal Copenhagen.


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The ideas that inspired these pottery forms originated from the distinctive architecture the artist observed during travel both domestically and abroad.  The impetus was to capture a fragment of the memory of those places through revisiting the structure and/or design of the architecture.


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This work shows a variety of collaborative projects with other artists and designers.


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