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9.5" Mythos Cloud Bowl // Haetae

9.5" Mythos Cloud Bowl // Haetae


Wheel-thrown Mythos Cloud Bowl.

Imagery inspired by creatures from Korean mythology.


Material: stoneware, white slip, clear glaze, underglaze
Dimensions: d 9.5" x H 2.5" (approx.)


*Haetae - in Joseon-dynasty Korea, the haetae was believed to protect against fire disasters and often placed infront of government buildings. A cartoon haetae named Haechi is the city mascot of Seoul. In English, the haetae may be called "the unicorn-lion."



  • Disclaimer

    Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Natural blemishes and imperfections are what makes each piece unique.

  • Care Instructions

    Handwashing is recommended

  • International Shipping

    International shipping is available, but due to the varying fees and charges for each country it has to be calculated individually on a case-by-case basis. Please email to make the purchase. 

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